Hand made cushions with Ottomans traditional patterns


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Ikat silk Cushions

The handmaking process of the ikat fabric is meant to bring you into the old patterns of the Ottoman world.

Silk Velvet Cushions

Our silk velvet is a handmade unique fabric that reflects old craftsmanship and will bring warmth and colors to your houses

Suzani Cushions

Hand embroidered silk cushions with Ottomans traditional patterns

Silk velvet bigger...

Hand made silk velvet bigger cushions with Ottomans traditional patterns

Contemporary Silk...
This line created by the designer Vito Nesta is a re-interpretation of some of the themes of the ottoman culture. The colors of the tiles, of the rugs are brought to life in a contemporary style in these cushions
Sultan Silk Cushions

These cushions, made in in Italy, are reproducing some of the most representative Ottomans sultans.

Turquerie Collection -...

Turquerie - as the art style that was very popular at the end of 19th century.

Ikat & Velvet

A stunning combination of ikat and velvet all in one cushions. The brightest colors of the silk will shine in your home in a these perfect and delightful matches

Handembroidered Kilim...

The art of embroidery applied on kilim.These cushions are hand embroidered with ikat patterns in order to obtain a unique and elegant pillow that can be used in every space of your home

Wool and linen cushion

Handmade wool and linen cushions, very graphical to dress up every space in your house

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